Fire Suppression Systems

Your premises, contents and IT infrastructure are central to your business. Gaseous fire extinguishing systems or fire suppression systems offer extra peace of mind and very effective protection of your assets. These are particularly recommended in buildings containing valuable or electrical equipment such as financial systems, computers, vital communication rooms, data storage or precious archives, antiques and art.

CSI offers a range of Gaseous Fire Supression products and impartial advice on the system best suited to your needs.

Fire Stopping

Dividing a building into a series of smoke and fire compartments will contain fire spread and increase invaluable time for personnel evacuation. All too often the introduction of various mechanical, electrical and IT services can breach safe compartments and compromise their integrity. These need to be sealed to prevent the escape of fire/smoke.

Materials used to seal around wall and floor penetrations, if properly installed, will help prevent fire/smoke escaping from a compartment for up to four hours, giving vital time for occupants to escape and fire fighters time to control the fire.

At CSI we have a wealth of experience in value engineering, and can advise the most suitable and most cost effective solution to any breach of fire compartments’ integrity. Fire compartments must be well-maintained and regularly inspected.

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