Digital CCTV

A fixed camera or PTZ (pan tilt zoom camera) is linked to digital recorder, storing images onto a built in hard drive. PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled by an operator to follow a particular suspect or zoom into an area. They can also be programmed to be operated by alarm sensors; for example when a door is opened the camera automatically pans, tilts and zooms onto the door to capture the event.

Benefits of Digital CCTV system:
  • Store as many recordings, from as many cameras as you want (depending on size of the data storage)
  • Image quality is superior and doesn't degrade over multiple copies or time
  • CCTV recorders record up to 100 images per second, and can record simultaneously from each camera
  • It's easy to sort through recorded data, and you can even connect to the digital CCTV system over the internet to check on recordings or look through the archive
  • Remote viewing on a smart phone or tablet device via onsite broadband connection

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